Mission Statement

When the idea for Chase Home Theater (formerly Tweak City Audio) started forming, it was really the coming together of a few ideas for products which could serve the market, and just needed a home.

We also wanted to make it a fun place to visit, and friendly to any and all customers and companies that want to hang out here. Customer is the #1 focus around here.

What, specifically, will Chase Home Theater be offering to make this work ?

1. Low Overhead. REALLY low overhead. All development costs for products will be paid for in advance, and all products kept in stock will be paid for COD. This means no interest charges, carrying charges, or any other charges that end up getting passed on to you, the customer.

The CEO of this company will get no salary. None. Yes, he expects it to eventually be profitable, but even all those profits, after Uncle Sam takes his cut, will be put back into the company.

2. Unique products. Things like a dual 18" driver subwoofer that will be a category buster for price/performance value. Our modular version of that 18" concept (two separate 18" subwoofers + a 1000W amplifier) that lets you add more capability and ouput as needed. This list will grow with time and the subwoofer line up will underscore that price/performance value relationship.

3. Quality. First and foremost. Design, components, performance; quality will drive the decisions to insure the best possible product is being offered to our customers.

4. A learning center - watering hole - place to hang out for everyone. This, along with item #5, is the mission of our forum. In the Ground Zero - Where we test stuff forum, we will be inviting any established company that wants to join in to post info on their products, including pricing, graphs, charts, and other measurements as they see fit.

Elemental Designs, Axiom, SVS, Epik, HSU Research, and VMPS - you are all welcome. I did this off the top of my head, so look for more to be added. PM me with your suggestions.

Let's make this a nice place to discuss the measurements from everybody.

When we have a Chase HT GTG, it will be to serve you, the customer. If you see a GTG occurring in North Carolina, and want to have a pair of Axioms there, drop them a line, see if they want to send something to it.

5. Let's also just plain have fun. We can say or do almost anything here, outside religion and politics. Click on the religion and politics forum, and it takes you nowhere - that is intentional.

Thanks for being here!