Chase Home Theater ("Chase HT") is the sole owner of the information that is collected on the Chase HT web site. 

Chase HT will absolutely NOT give, sell, rent, share, loan, or  make any of the information you provide to us available to any outside parties, except as stated in this policy, unless 1) we are required to do so because of the legal process (court orders, subpoenas, etc) or 2) the information is required by an entity that supports Chase HT as part of the process to provide your product/service (e.g., shipping company, credit card authorization company, etc.).  In the case of item 2), those entities will safeguard your information in the same manner as Chase HT and they do not have the right to use any such information beyond what is necessary to provide your product/service. 

The collection of personal information on the Chase HT website is specific to provide us with the ability to provide your product/service, contact you if we need to support your order, answer questions you ask, provide order confirmations / order status updates  and provide you with information you may request.