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CraigSUB SS-18.1 Passive Subwoofer - (2012 model)

CraigSUB SS-18.1 Passive Subwoofer - (2012 model)


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The 2012 CraigSUB SS-18.1 Subwoofer is a front-firing, sealed enclosure subwoofer in a 21” cube. It is available as a passive subwoofer (no amplifier) for $500 + $95 shipping. Add an amplifier for a complete powered subwoofer.

Just go to our Subwoofer Amplifier page to choose the amplifier which best serves your needs. Amps ship free with subwoofer purchase.

Dayton SA1000 Amplifier - $400
More amplifiers will be available soon!

For all our 2012 models, we have a new cabinet manufacturer who is providing an upgraded, harder, slightly textured, matte black finish that improves the SS-18.1's appearance and durability. The finish is consistent across the CHT product line and matches our High Efficiency Monitors.

At $595.00 delivered (continental U.S.), the SS-18.1, passive version, is a terrific combination of price and performance (heavy emphasis on performance) that will handle small, medium, and large rooms comfortably. At some point after putting one in your listening environment, you may decide you need (or just WANT more) and/or want to smooth room response with a second unit. With most other subwoofers, that means a second, matching subwoofer – translating into a total investment of at least 2X the original price of your original subwoofer. However, the exciting piece of this design is the fact that it is modular! Let’s explore what that means.

We have a cost-effective alternative for that second matching subwoofer: simply add another passive SS-18.1. Adding this second 18" passive enclosure can provide more output (and who doesn’t want THAT?) and/or help smooth your in-room frequency response. The second SS-18.1 passive cabinet simply connects to the same amplifier you are already using for your original SS-18.1. This modular design concept provides flexibility in placement and/or increased output with consistent crisp, tight and well-defined bass – AND – does it without damaging your wallet (although your walls may become a bit stressed).

 Order the two passive SS-18.1 cabinets at the same time and save $25Custom configurations are available. Just give us a phone call or send us an email.

The SS-18.1 has a response curve of +/- 3 dB from 23 Hz to 200 Hz with a natural, 12dB per octave roll-off below 23 Hz to match room gain. All Chase Home Theater subwoofers are designed so that, if placed within 1/8 wavelength distance from the corner boundary, a theoretical boundary gain of 18 dB is possible, but without three foot thick concrete walls and floors, typical boundary gain will be 9 – 15 dB. The room gain and boundary gain will offset the natural, 12 dB per octave roll-off of a sealed design, as it occurs, resulting in a nearly flat frequency response to 15Hz or below, depending on the room and placement.

Not only will you feel the deep extension of the SS-18.1, but it hits HARD in the 40Hz – 80Hz slam range to maximize the chest thumping you want. It delivers the slam you want for movies, yet it is tight and responsive with music. The sealed design makes it all work exceptionally well.

Coupling the SS-18.1 and an SA1000 amplifier with five of our 2012 model SHO-10s creates an amazing 5.1 system in both value and performance. This 5.1 system delivers reference level audio for an unbelievable $2,920 (shipping is free). Add a second, passive SS-18.1 cabinet to make it a 5.2 system and you will be amazed for $3420 (shipping is still free!). Because of the 97 dB efficiency of our Monitors, a mid-level receiver will drive everything nicely rather than needing top of the line electronics - more savings for reference level audio. Pretty tough combination to beat!

We use USA built parts whenever possible, and all final assembly is done in our Pennsylvania Factory.

SS-18.1 Subwoofer - SpecificationsType: Sealed, single driver, passive subwoofer system
Frequency Response: 21Hz – 100Hz +/- 5 dB (Using the Dayton Amp and the bass boost switch is ON)
In-room extension (room and placement dependent):
15Hz or lower
  • One 18”, 8 ohm driver
  • X-Max (not X-mech) is 1.5 inches peak to peak
  • Fs is 19.4 Hz
  • Power handling is 800 watts RMS
  • Sealed, passive, front-firing (no grille)
  • 1" MDF
  • 2" thick, MDF, front-firing baffle
  • Countersunk driver
  • Slightly textured, matte black finish
  • Dimensions: 23" H x 21" W x 21" D
  • Weight: ~75 lbs
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